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We have gathered some links to other web sites we consider important and/or useful. Look for them under the following categories:

ASP Related Sites
Mailing Lists


ASP Related Sites

15 Seconds
Complete resource for developers and administrators working with Active Server Pages and IIS.
A good resource for ASP programmers. Contains tutorials, components and links to ASP related sites. 

Active Server Developer's Journal
Online magazine devoted to exchanging ideas about building better Web sites using ASP and ActiveX controls.
CNET's site devoted to ActiveX. Now hosted by

ADO Workshop

Monthly online publication for ADO from how-to's, tips and tricks, and answers to frequently asked questions.

ASP Alliance
Web site that contains useful articles ASP related. A calendar of ASP events is included as well.

ASP Component Catalog
Contains and introduction to Active Server Pages and explains its benefits. A useful components catalog is listed at the end of the page.

Site intended to help the Active Server Pages professional locate ASP and IIS-related resources quickly and efficiently. 

ASP Developer Network
Contains information about ASP and interactive web development tools. Resource categories include links to products, services, documentation, components, bug report and fixes, tutorials, samples, and related developer sites.

ASP Developer's Site
Resource that includes links to ASP documentation, developer tools, frequently asked questions, ASP source code repository, and other resources.

ASP 101 - A Database Interfacing Primer
Article that illustrates how to use Active Server Pages in interaction with MS Access database. The author uses an example to show how to edit, add and delete records from a database.

Interactive Developers' Online Magazine.

IIS Development @ Softwing
Site dedicated to free components and ASP code. Contains links to the most important IIS/ASP resources.  

Introduction to Active Server Pages
Comprehensive tutorial includes ASP syntax, browser detection and other topics.

Microsoft's ASP Roadmap Site
Resource that contains links to documentation for Microsoft ASP and ActiveX server components, as well as tutorials and samples.

Microsoft IIS Site
Collection of ActiveX Server components, ASP applications, ASP scripts, IIS utilities and ISAPI filters for downloading. A link to documentation is available.

Microsoft Visual InterDev
An article which describes Microsoft Visual InterDev, a powerful tool designed to easily create industrial-strength Web applications.

Swynk Active Server Pages Resource Site
Resource which provides links to several resources related to SQL Server, Internet Information Server, Active Server Pages, and BackOffice.

The Development Exchange
Resource which contains information about C++, Visual Basic, and Java programming. Links, downloads, reviews and tips are also available.

The Active Server Pages Site
Site with information about ASP components, forums, code examples and more.

Windows NT Online Magazine
Useful information about products that work with Windows NT. User groups, forums, and event calendar also available.

Writing Active Server Pages Components
Resource which contains brief tips on writing and debugging ActiveX components for ASP in Visual C++ and Visual J++ (Java). Links to news-groups, developer sites, FAQs, and mailing lists for ASP are also available.

Writing Active Server Components in Visual Basic,4413,1600212,00.html
Step-by-step instructions and learn to build Active Server components in Visual Basic 5.0.

Wrox Web - Developer
Publishers of the book "Professional Active Server Pages" and "Beginning Active Server Pages".


Mailing Lists

15 Seconds' Active News

15 Seconds' Active Server Pages

ASP: Low-Noise and High-Quality

ASP Newbie Mailing List

ASP Performance ListServ

Microsoft: Active Server Pages

Microsoft: Client Scripting

Microsoft: ISAPI

Visual InterDev Mailing List ?subject=subscribe



ASP Developer News Group
News group targeted to advanced ASP developers. Beginners are also welcome.

ASP How To News group
News groups directed to developers with questions regarding Active Server Pages solutions.

ASP 3rd Party Products Newsgroup
Allows developers to post questions on third party product. Including ASP components and IIS tools.

Microsoft's ADSI Newsgroup

Microsoft's Active Server Pages Newsgroup
Allows developers to post questions regarding problems, bugs and fixes for ASP applications.

Microsoft's IIS Misc. Newsgroup
Internet Information Server miscellaneous newsgroup.

Microsoft's IIS Newsgroup
Internet Information Server setup and usage newsgroup.

Mikys Active Server Pages Newsgroup

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