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Product Comparisons

Chat Server Comparison Chart


Adventia Chat Server 3.0 Premium

Adventia Chat Server Pro

Highlights Single-room chat server for .NET Multiple independent rooms Single-room chat with full capabilities Multiple independent rooms
Ideal for Sites using ASP.NET that require only one chat room Sites using ASP.NET that require multiple chat rooms Sites or intranets that require only one general chat room Sites that want to conduct chat sessions, distance learning courses or seminars for different topics


Features Chat .NET 1.0 Chat Pro .NET 1.0

Chat Premium 3.0

Chat Pro 3.0

Number of Rooms 1 Unlimited* 1 Unlimited*
Automatic refresh of conversation frame
Private conversations between users
Unlimited number of users
Configurable timeout of inactive users
Control panel for administrator
Easy customization of chat looks
Text-only or text+HTML conversations
Easy enable/disable of HTML
Log files that keep record of users
Easy save of conversations to a transcript file
Count/display of users
Configurable moderation/not moderation
Banning/lift ban of users    
Broadcast of messages to chat room audience
Colorful icons for dynamic conversations
Source code included for easy customization 
Retail Price: 1 License
                    Enterprise License

* Maximum number of rooms dictated by web server hardware configuration (RAM, CPU speed, bandwidth, etc.).

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