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Adventia Chat Server 3.0 Premium


Chat Server Premium
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Chat Server Premium
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Product Overview

Adventia Chat Server 3.0 Premium is a single-room ASP chat that allows you to easily add HTML-only chat rooms to your site, transforming your web site or intranet into a dynamic and successful online community comprised of customers, users, suppliers or employees.

Chat Server 3.0 Premium is versatile and uniquely suited to be used in distance learning sessions, moderated events, virtual meetings or just social real-time conversations. It is simple to customize and can be easily integrated with the existing web or intranet site. Its user-friendly capabilities allow users to interact using any type and any version of browser. No plug-ins, Java applets or any other script downloads are required.


Key Features

Chat Server 3.0 Premium has the following key features:

  • Automatic refresh of conversation frame
  • Private conversations between users
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Configurable timeout of inactive users
  • Control panel for administrator
  • Easy customization of the chat looks
  • Text-only or text+HTML conversations
  • Easy enable/disable of HTML in global settings file
  • Log files that keep record of users and conversations
  • Count/display of users
  • Configurable settings to moderate/not moderate the chat
  • Banning of users
  • Lift ban of users
  • Easy save of chat room conversations to a transcript file
  • Broadcast of administrative messages to the chat audience
  • Colorful icons that allow dynamic and live conversations
  • Source code (no components or dll's) included for easy customization 


What's New?

Comparing to the previous version, Chat Server 2.0, the following features have been added to Chat Server 3.0 Premium:

  • Instant banning and ban lifting of selected users
  • Display of private conversations in a separate window per conversation
  • Colorful icons that enhance conversation by making them more playful



Chat Server 3.0 Premium provides effective means to transform a site into an interactive community with potential for high profits. Its use will contribute to enhance the quality, visibility and profitability of an intranet or web site.

Sites using this product will be able to:

  • Build active online communities and promote loyalty
  • Increase your site's traffic by encouraging repeat visits to your site
  • Generate revenue from banner advertising
  • Generate revenue from memberships
  • Hold distance learning sessions
  • Hold online training, seminars and conferences
  • Get feedback from users, customers or employees
  • Hold guest speaker events
  • Generate revenue from leasing/renting chat programs (ISP's)
  • Increase sales through real-time customer service

What's more, Chat Server 3.0 is fast, easy to use and more affordable when compared to products with similar features.


Software Requirements

To run Chat Server 3.0 Premium, the following software is required:

  • Windows 2000 or NT 4.0
  • Any internet browser that supports frames and cookies.
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server 5.0/4.0 (or Microsoft Personal Web Server) with ASP

Note: This product is not designed to run on any other server than Microsoft servers that support ASP. It does not support servers by Netscape.


How to Use

Chat Server 3.0 Premium features a robust application that enables users to interact in real-time using any type of browser. The chat application allows users to post messages and let others read and respond to them at any time. Private conversations (which launch in a separate window) can be held among different users at the same time. The moderation control panel provides the ability to host organized live discussions. The new banning feature allows the chat administrator to ban obnoxious users from entering the chat. User's conversations are kept in log files that can be later used to create discussions, seminars or conference transcripts. There is no limit in the number of users the chat program can support. However, the more powerful the server you run the chat on, and the higher the bandwidth of the server's Internet connection, the highest the number of users the chat can handle efficiently.

For additional questions about this product please contact us. For questions on how to install, configure, and customize the chat, please visit the Common Questions & Answers section.


Pricing, Licensing & Ordering Information

Adventia offers the following licenses:

  • 1 License: Allows you to install the chat program in ONE web site or ONE intranet only. For example, if you need to install the chat in two web sites ( and, you will need to buy two licenses, one for each web site.
  • Enterprise License: You may enjoy significant savings by purchasing this license if you plan to install the chat in several web sites or intranets. Also, this license is required for ISP's that plan to rent, lease or offer the chat to their customers. Please read the note below.
Note: Internet Service Providers: Read Carefully

If you are an Internet Service Provider and/or a Web Hosting Company please note that you CANNOT lend, rent, lease or otherwise transfer Adventia Chat Server 3.0 Premium to your customers UNLESS you buy a separate License for EACH customer or you buy the Enterprise License which allows you to offer the chat program to an UNLIMITED number of customers. Doing otherwise will violate the program's License Agreement which may result in severe civil and criminal penalties.

For information on partnerships or OEM programs, please contact us.

To order Adventia Chat Server 3.0 Premium online simply press the "Buy Now!" button and follow the on-screen instructions.

Adventia Chat Server 3.0 Premium

License Type* Price Delivery Method  

1 License


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E-mail Buy Now

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Upgrade Eligibility

If you currently have a license of Adventia Chat Server 2.0 you are eligible for a free upgrade to Chat Server 3.0 Premium. To receive the upgrade, you must provide the following information:

  • Original date of purchase of Adventia Chat 2.0

  • Name of person who bought the license, and company (if applicable)

  • Transaction number

This information, located in the original registration email, will help us verify that you are an existing Adventia Chat Server 2.0 licensee. The upgrade will be delivered via email as soon as we verify your current status.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


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